Excellent Photographer and a great friend.

  • Big Beef & Beer:
  • Outstanding site for reviews on Beer AND Music.

  • Bob Left:
  • Bob is an amazing, energetic guitarist who is also versed
    in the studies of Analyze This, Repo Man, & Taxi Driver.

    I was very fortunate to have Bob play all the guitars on
    Sunday Afternoon & Johnny Face Slim.

    He is also one half of the infamous linguini brothers (AKA Guido).
    Always an innovator, Bob is writing some great tunes!
    You can hear it in his website by clicking on the above link.

  • Goon Squad Radio:

  • Great Source for new and exciting music in Chicago & surrounding areas.
    To request a song from "Come On In", just click Here.

  • Antipodes MP3 Network:
  • Highlights artists from MP3, chart positions by genre, & more!
    Good info - Check it out !

  • Gajoob:

    Excellent resource for the artistic activities.

  • Colossal Mastering:
  • Dan, Barb, A.J., & Staff are helpful and hospitable.

  • Reeves Audio Recording:
  • Jim Reeves is knowledgable & very experienced.
    His credentials include some of the best names
    in the business.

  • Guitar Works:
  • Definitely the BEST for repairs.
    Knowledgeable, personable, great service
    and tons of cool guitars.

  • Bands On the Web:
  • Over 698 bands (and counting) from across the globe.
    Thanks Dr. Dave & George !

  • FTM Music:
  • A great resource for many of your music needs.

  • Rock Search:

    Cool Site. Well organized. Contains the latest music news.

  • CoffeeStain.Com:

    Covering Florida's music scene and beyond.

  • Local Music Online:

    Great place for virtually local bands. Nice Layout !

  • OpenUpAndSay:

    A very comprehensive online music magazine.
    Very informative and extremely helpful.

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